Healthcare facilities and day care services

Knowing where you stand is of great importance when transporting to and from care institutions or day care facilities. Our smart solutions streamline your daily work and create overview.

Attention and peace of mind for your passengers

Transporting passengers to institutions such as day care or healthcare facilities requires extra attention and care. This type of transport often involves people with mental and/or physical disabilities. Peace, clarity and structure are important for this target group and in order to achieve this, we support the companies that provide this type of transport with various smart and innovative solutions.

Our solutions are specially designed to create as much clarity as possible for both driver and passenger. The main solution we offer for transport to and from care institutions or day care facilities is a comprehensive mobile data terminal, which structures all transport movements accurately. The driver is shown the route in a clear schedule where each entry and exit are separately defined. So, he or she knows exactly where to pick up and drop off each traveller.

Adding indications

One feature in the terminal developed specifically for this type of transport is adding indications. Is a passenger in a wheelchair or are there specific points of interest for a particular passenger? Then the back office can add this to the trip information and the driver can view this information easily and quickly via the terminal. This allows the driver to serve the passenger even better.

Up-to-date trip information via an app

Transporting people with mental and/or physical disabilities often involves many parties. These might include parents or caretakers, supervisors at a residential group or the supervisors at the day care centre. To keep all these parties in the loop about the status of the trip, all trip information and the person's ETA, an app developed by us can be used.

Insight for commissioning institution

At Euphoria Mobility we also offer portals for clients that can be accessed via both mobile and desktop. In this way, the healthcare institution or commissioning institution can use these portals to gain insight into the transport movements taking place within the commission. This can be live as well as realised or planned data. It provides the client with optimal insight and ensures that there are no surprises.

Planning transport

To plan and send trips to the app or mobile data terminal, we offer a comprehensive planning software package then actually. With our smart software, you can easily and quickly visualise journeys and send them to the right driver. He or she will then receive the trips via the app or mobile data terminal. You can also easily record these details in the planning package.

More information?

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