Insight, security, and customisation: that is what you can expect from Euphoria Mobility when you choose our smart solutions as a (semi) government organisation.

The reliable partner for accurate and secure data

At Euphoria Mobility, we offer our services to a variety of parties including various (semi-)governmental organisations. Secure and accurate data is of great importance here. In addition, the requirements regarding mobility can vary enormously. We understand this at Euphoria Mobility, which makes us the perfect partner to assist when it comes to mobility issues.

A common transport issue within (semi-)governmental organisations is: How do I manage my fleet properly?  Organisations often own large numbers of vehicles and, in some cases, these are also hired from third parties. It can be a hugely complex operation to keep track of these fleets.

Specialist in

To create this overview, various solutions can be deployed. However, this often involves customisation and that is exactly what we offer at Euphoria Mobility. We have several comprehensive web portals that allow us to provide insight into your fleet. Using a CAN interface, data terminal or app, we are able to read the information from the vehicle and link it back to the web portal.

Our advanced dashboards are completely custom-made and contain the information you want to see:

  • Fuel consumption and fuel level
  • Vehicle range of electric vehicles and battery percentage
  • Doors open or closed
  • Oil level and Coolant temperature
  • Lighting status

Ensuring safety

Security is a hugely important factor for (semi-)governmental organisations. To ensure that your organisation's data is properly secured, we at Euphoria Mobility meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and hold the corresponding certificate. This standard is the globally recognised standard in the field of information security. Because we hold this certification, we must continuously ensure the security of information inside and outside our organisation and offer optimal security in this area.

Want to know more? 

Would you like to know what we can do for your organisation? Please feel free to get in touch with us. Together we will find the solution to your mobility issue.