Which vehicle is located where? Or when does that vehicle need to go to the garage for maintenance? Euphoria Mobility makes it easy for fleet managers to find the answers to these questions.

Always the most up-to-date information at hand

Issues such as the location of a vehicle, when does a car have to go to the repair shop or what is the state of the battery of a particular electric vehicle. These are things you deal with every day as a fleet manager. At Euphoria Mobility, we help you make finding the answers to the above questions a lot easier and clearer. With our web-based dashboards, you have quick and easy access to all the information related to your fleet.

Euphoria Mobility's smart solutions ensure that you have insight into your fleet. When you have the right data, you can better maintain your vehicles and manage data such as battery or fuel consumption.

Various signals

The platform works completely web-based and mostly in combination with our smart data terminals or CAN interfaces. Through this hardware, we offer you insight into the various signals the vehicle gives. Consider the following signals:

  • Fuel consumption and fuel level
  • Vehicle range of electric vehicles and battery percentage
  • Doors open or closed
  • Oil level and coolant temperature
  • Lighting status

The above items are just examples of things we can display in a dashboard. The dashboards are fully customisable to suit your needs perfectly.

Exporting and filtering

It is also possible to easily export lists or filter in the general overview by things like registration number or status. This makes it even easier to quickly see which cars are due for servicing soon, for example.

Zero emission

An important question companies are increasingly asking themselves is: how do we reduce our company's emissions? In order to start doing that, you will first have to know what your fleet of vehicles, for example, is emitting now. This is where Euphoria can help you. Through our smart solutions we can easily calculate the emissions of your fleet. We also offer a dashboard with which you can continue to monitor the emissions and gain insight into the effect of the measures you take. 

View live location

Do you always want to view the current location of a vehicle? Then this is also easily possible via the live overview. In the live overview, you can see the current location and status of a vehicle. So you can always find out where it is.

More information? 

Have we sparked your interest? And would you like to know more about our smart fleet management solutions? Please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to tell you more!