passenger transport

Getting from A to B safely and efficiently with attention to the passenger. That is the goal of every passenger transport company. Our smart solutions will help you achieve this goal.

Focus on passenger well-being

When transporting people, attention to the passenger is key. Whether transporting the elderly or kids, sick people or important board members, it requires extra attention and sometimes flexibility from the driver and transporting agency. At Euphoria Mobility, we understand this. In fact, we have been supporting companies in this sector for 20 years with our smart and innovative software and hardware solutions.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly which needs exist within a passenger transport company. We can respond to them quickly and easily, making implementation run smoothly.

From web portal to data terminal

Our passenger transport solutions range from a comprehensive mobile data terminal to smart online web portals that map all data for your organisation. We also provide apps specifically tailored to transporting students, for example.

Safe transport 

In passenger transport, it is essential that drivers get passengers from A to B in a safe and pleasant manner. To monitor this, we at Euphoria Mobility offer comprehensive driving style analysis. Using a CAN interface or data terminal, you can read out information on things like cornering speed, braking behaviour, keeping distance and seatbelt usage. This information is then fed back to our web portal. Are you using a mobile data terminal? Then you can also give the driver information about his/her driving behaviour while driving.

Apps for passenger transport

We also offer several apps designed specifically for transporting people. For instance, we offer an app for parents and carers of pupils using pupil transport. We also have apps that allow remote acceptance, viewing and empty reporting of rides. Want to know more about our apps? Then check out this page.

More information?

Euphoria Mobility's mobile data terminals support daily operations and streamline communication between the driver and back office. More than 1200 companies have already chosen our terminals and we operate in countries ranging from Finland to the United Arab Emirates.