Data insights for everyone at anytime

Every movement creates data. From opening the car door to driving a route, data is continuously generated. This data can be incredibly valuable, if you have insight into it. And that is something we at Euphoria Mobility excel at!

Work more efficiently and save money with data

Realising substantial savings and working more efficiently is easily possible when you have insight into your data and the ability to manage it. However, this is sometimes difficult because the data is often presented in endless Excel sheets. At Euphoria Mobility, we understand that you don't have time to go through those sheets. Therefore, we have built several smart solutions for doing this more efficiently.

From raw data to clear visuals

One of these solutions is a web-based dashboard on which you can quickly and easily gain insight into your data. The dashboard was developed in collaboration with Stofloos, a specialist in data. The portal makes it possible to convert raw data into understandable visuals. These visuals can be designed in different ways. From a pie chart to a classic graph, it is all possible. The data displayed is also fully customisable to your wishes. You decide which information you get to see.

Real-time insight and comparison of data

Our dashboard allows you to compare different periods in time. This can be done at various levels and makes it even easier to give context to the data. The portal also offers the possibility of live data insight. This allows you to track data in real time. It is all tailor-made for your organisation.

Portals for clients

At Euphoria Mobility, we also offer portals for clients. Through these portals, they can gain insight into the transport movements taking place within the assignment and the associated data. This can be live data as well as realised or planned. It provides the client with optimal insight and ensures that there are no unexpected surprises.

More information? 

Would you like to know more about what we can do for your organisation with our dashboards? Please feel free to contact us! We'll be more than happy to tell you more.