Privacy Policy

Version 23-2-2023


Euphoria processes personal data about you when you use our services and, in doing so, provide us with these data yourself. Because it is known or possible to find out who you are on the basis of your login data or on the basis of personal data you have entered or on the basis of technical data, personal data are processed in the sense of European privacy legislation: General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).


Euphoria is formally a Controller within the meaning of the AVG. Contact details of Euphoria are:

  • Adress: Wilhelminapark 36, 5041 EC Tilburg, the Netherlands
  • E-mailadres:

Data protection officer

Euphoria has appointed an data protection officer to ensure that the processing of personal data is done in a secure manner, in accordance with the requirements and guidelines set by law. If you have any questions about privacy aspects of the processing of your personal data, please address them to:

  • E-mailadres:

What we use your data for

Euphoria processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • to record and present routes driven by you to you;
  • to be able to deliver your order through the webshop;
  • to register subscriptions you have ordered;
  • to invoice your order;
  • to authenticate you when you log into an app;
  • to monitor operation and use of the portal and improve content.

What is the legal basis for the processing

Euphoria may only process your personal data if there is a legitimate legal basis for doing so. This legal basis is when using the webshop: the execution of a (purchase) agreement. For other purposes, the legal basis is that you explicitly consent to this by using our apps, our devices or our portal yourself.

Personal data we process

Depending on the service you use, Euphoria may process the following personal data about you:

  • When you log in: username, password;
  • When you place an order: name, address, postal code, city, country, e-mail address, telephone number, company name,
  • VAT number;
  • When you subscribe: vehicle registration number(s), name, address, postcode, city, country, account number (IBAN), company name;
  • When you use our apps or devices: driver card number, phone number, location, indications for suitable transport;
  • Various browsing data relating to your activities within the portal.

Location details

To properly record the location during the course of a trip, when the app is active, the GPS coordinates of the current location are recorded in the background, every minute. This allows us to present you with a map showing the route driven, in addition to providing adequate trip recording at the end of a trip.

Mapping website traffic (cookies)

Euphoria uses cookies to monitor and improve the use and operation of its portals and programmes. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone the first time you visit a portal. Euphoria uses cookies from Google Analytics and DoubleClick.

You can opt out of cookies by setting your internet browser to no longer store cookies, but this may affect your user experience. In addition, you can also delete any information previously stored via your browser's settings.

Sharing data with others

Euphoria may use other organisations to process your personal data. When this is the case, we conclude a so-called Processor Agreement with this party to ensure that the same level of security and confidentiality of your data is maintained. Euphoria remains responsible and liable for these processing operations.

Euphoria never sells your data to third parties and will only provide it to others if necessary to comply with a legal obligation.


When you use DataStudio, Euphoria will transfer data to organisation Stofloos. A Processor Agreement has been concluded with this organisation. This formally regulates that all conditions and restrictions that apply to the processing of personal data by Euphoria are imposed on this subcontractor in the same way.
Dustless receives only the data necessary for the proper functioning of the DataStudio functionality. They are also only allowed to process these data in the context of DataStudio and thus can and should never use them for any other purpose.
Euphoria remains at all times responsible and liable for the processing of personal data by Stofloos.

How long we keep data

Euphoria will not retain your personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which your data is collected. The retention period(s) are:

  • When you place an order: for the expected lifetime of the product ordered;
  • When a service is provided from a subscription: for the duration of the subscription purchased.

These retention periods apply unless laws and regulations require a different minimum or maximum period under specific circumstances, for example in the case of data relating to a financial transaction.


All Euphoria employees who might have access to your data have been screened against a certificate of cunduct and have signed a confidentiality agreement.


Euphoria takes the protection of your data extremely seriously and has taken appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised modification. Euphoria organises its information security through an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is ISO27001-certified.
If you feel that your data is nevertheless not properly secured or there are indications of misuse, please contact us:

E-mail address:

Your rights regarding your data and processing

The applicable privacy legislation has regulated that you, as a data subject, have a number of rights regarding the processing of your personal data. You have the right to access, amend, delete or transfer your personal data. You also have the right to restrict, or stop processing. Even if you have previously given your explicit consent to a specific processing, you can withdraw your consent at any time. You can send a request regarding these rights to:

  • Postal address: Wilhelminapark 36, 5041 EC Tilburg
  • E-mail address:

To ensure that the request has been made by you, we will contact you and ask for confirmation. Depending on the situation and type of data, we may ask you to show proof of identity to verify that it is indeed your data.
Euphoria will respond to your request as soon as possible, but at the latest within four weeks.


If you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, please address it to:

  • Email address:

Euphoria will treat your complaint confidentially.

If your complaint about Euphoria's processing is not handled to your satisfaction, you can address a complaint about it to the Dutch Personal Data Authority, at: