Seamless transport 

Smart, fast and sustainable transport is how you can distinguish yourself as a transport organisation. Euphoria Mobility’s innovative solutions support you in this.

Efficiently from A to B

Countless transport movements take place every day. Whether transporting people or goods, smart, environmentally aware, and cost-efficient transport is important in every situation. For instance, downtime must be avoided, and transport movements must be accurately monitored. This is where we at Euphoria Mobility come in to help you. With our innovative solutions, we help your organisation get goods or people from A to B as efficiently as possible.

Mobile dataterminal

Our data terminal makes it easy to receive and accept trip assignments. Thanks to the clearly laid-out trip assignment screen, the driver can quickly and easily see at which address he or she needs to pick up the people or goods and where they need to be taken. In addition, communication with the back office is possible via the terminal and you always have insight into the GPS location of the vehicle. The terminal is also easy and intuitive to operate and offers an overview to both driver and back office.

Dispatch software

Besides our mobile data terminal, we can also support you in the area of dispatch software. With our comprehensive dispatch software package, we streamline business processes and support various types of transport. The programme consists of various modules, allowing you to put the package together yourself.

The planning software offers possibilities in the areas of customer relationship management, fleet management, invoicing, personnel and time administration, complaints registration and digital submission of declarations. The software can also be linked to other software packages.

Web-based portal

We also offer a web-based dashboard where you can quickly and easily gain insight into your data. The dashboard makes it possible to convert raw data into understandable visuals. These visuals can be designed in various ways. From a pie chart to a classic graph, it is all possible. The data displayed is also fully customisable to your wishes. You decide what information you get to see.

More information? 

Want more information on how we can support your organisation with our innovative solutions? Please feel free to contact us! We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.