Shared mobility for the future 

From A to B your way. That’s the essence of shared mobility. At Euphoria Mobility, we understand that and that’s why we offer smart solutions that support your organisation in sharing vehicles.

Share mobility: cost-efficient, sustainable, and convenient

Shared mobility is rapidly gaining popularity. From bicycles and scooters to cars, you can easily share it all through various platforms these days. We, at Euphoria Mobility, offer several smart solutions that will get your organisation started with vehicle sharing.

Knowing the location of a vehicle is essential in shared mobility. You need this location to determine which vehicle is closest and which one best suits the requested trip. That is why at Euphoria Mobility we have developed comprehensive Track and Trace hardware and software solutions that allow you to always have insight into where vehicles are located.

Special devices

Track and Trace solutions can be designed in various ways. For example, we offer special boxes, also called CAN interfaces, that can link all information from the vehicle back to a web portal. This includes information such as vehicle location, speed and route travelled. Even the fuel consumption or battery status of an electric vehicle can easily be read via the box.

Comprehensive mobile data terminal

Do you want to completely streamline your shared mobility? Then opt for our mobile data terminal. This terminal allows logging in, receiving messages from the back office and, like the CAN interface, tracks the vehicle's location. The terminal can also read out things like fuel consumption and battery status and links all information back to the web portal or another dispatching software package. This solution is more comprehensive and offers the advantage that you can connect a screen to it that is visible in the vehicle.

Detailed cost insight

Do you share vehicles within your organisation with multiple employees and want to have insight into who incurs what costs? This is also possible with Euphoria Mobility's solutions. Via the portal to which all data is linked back, you can gain insight into fuel consumption and kilometres travelled. This information can then be converted to gain insight into costs. To do this, you can use our comprehensive dashboard. This dashboard is fully customisable. Would you like to know more? Then take a look at this page.

Safe transporting

With shared mobility, it is also important to have insight into driver behaviour. You want to prevent damage and/or fines, and good driving habits can be an excellent way of doing so. Via the CAN interfaces or data terminal, you can read out information on things like cornering speed, braking behaviour, keeping distance, and wearing a seatbelt. Are you using a mobile data terminal? Then you can also give the driver information about his/her driving behaviour while driving.

Seamless integration

To make shared transport run smoothly, Track and Trace solutions can be connected to both an online web portal and a dispatching software package. This way, you always have insight into transport movements and you can also plan trips when the driver books them via an app or web form, if necessary. Want to know more about this dispatch software? Then take a look at this page.

Want to know more?

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