Smart and innovative
in-vehicle solutions

Do you want insight into the location, status or fuel consumption of your vehicles? Or are you looking for a data terminal that allows you to send trips to a vehicle? We’re happy to help!

Your operations more efficient and easier

The right in-vehicle solution can make your daily operations a lot easier. With Euphoria Mobility's mobile data terminal, for example, you can send trip orders to drivers, and they can then start, stop and, if necessary, pay for them. In addition, you can communicate with the back office via the terminal and there is an option to monitor the driver's driving behaviour. In this case, the data terminal is the heart of the operation.

Second screen

The data terminal can be connected to a special second screen in the vehicle. Through this screen, you can display information to the passenger. This way, you can keep your customers informed about the latest news, any service obstacles or the ETA.


We also offer solutions that are built into the vehicle. One example is our CAN interface. This is a special box that allows you to read signals from the vehicle and feed them back to a web portal.  These signals vary enormously. Among other things, you can get insight into things like:

  • Fuel consumption and fuel level
  • Vehicle range of electric vehicles and battery percentage
  • Driving style
  • Seat belt and seat sensors
  • Oil level and coolant temperature
  • Lighting status

Mobile solutions

Are you looking for a mobile solution for your mobility issue? If so, we also offer various apps. This could include apps for drivers, customers or fleet management. It is also possible to accept and process payments via an app. All our solutions are configurable and can therefore be precisely tailored to your needs. Want to know more about our apps? Then take a look at this page.

More information?

Want more information about our various in-vehicle solutions? Please feel free to get in touch with us! We are happy to help you find the solution you are looking for.