Market leader in passenger transport Menevä chooses Euphoria Mobility data terminal

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At Euphoria Mobility we are very pleased to announce that Finnish taxi company Menevä has chosen our mobile data terminal. Menevä is a pioneer in the Finnish taxi market and from the beginning of this year has been one of the three carriers responsible for airport transport in Helsinki. In order to ensure smooth service and maximum convenience for the drivers, the company chooses our equipment.

Menevä is a family business with almost fifty years of comprehensive experience from local taxi business. The company is based in Helsinki and has about 1,500 vehicles under their control. These vehicles vary from their own to subcontractors and self-employed workers. They operate all over Finland and provide various types of transportation including hailing taxi and healthcare transport (KELA). 

Cooperation with Titec

To ensure that the service in Finland runs as smoothly as possible, we cooperate with our partner Titec. They take care of the installation of the equipment and provide technical support. We also have close contact with IT Director at Menevä, Antti Lankila, who makes sure things go smoothly within the company.

A great step for Euphoria Mobility and we hope to continue and further expand the great cooperation with Menevä!

An all-electric fleet

In providing airport transportation, the company has opted for an all-electric fleet, namely Audi Q4 E-Tron and Peugeot E-Travellers Allure. This is revolutionary for the Finnish taxi market and sets the company apart from its competitors. All these electric vehicles are equipped with our data terminals in combination with the myPOS payment terminals. In addition to the vehicles at the airport, there are currently no less than 50 vehicles throughout Finland that are equipped with our equipment. And this number continues to grow.

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